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Foolish Songs That Shame The Wise

by Inside Joke

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Before in Inside Joke It was just me and mic at Rio Bravo “Mega-mix” with Due Season at the end of the show When You Go was the first song that I wrote Recorded Big L in the Hatfield’s studio They played it every game the Legends were at home Then Josh Clark hooked me up with Macbook Pro Daddy J gave me a mic so I could blow Now I’m ready to go! I taught myself how to record Laid down several tracks when I was bored Had no idea Carpet An Ya Chest was gonna soar Up the charts, with all the ladies man it struck a chord All the attention caught me by surprise Had no idea my career was gonna fly Just did it for the love, Tyranny Rhymes and Rhymes Thirteen foolish songs that shamed the wise Chorus Foolish songs that shame the wise (that’s how I remember it) Foolish songs that shame the wise Foolish songs that shame the wise (if I recollect) Foolish songs that shame the wise After the first album I was on a mission World tour made a stop at FCA State Convention Playing any club where people would listen Started writing songs for the follow-up Turleman on KET, song was in my blood Laid it down in one night, he game me love Went to shoot the video, then back the studio Dropped the album now I’m getting calls from radio Meanwhile, The Fox Song blowing up in San Antonio Signing autographs every place we go Won a bunch of awards in Kansas City for Gold Zone Back home, Marquies cruisin down Limestone Bumping the title track, one of my favs of all time While on iTunes Feels Like Love starts to climb Had Industry execs looking surprised Cuz I just dropped a bunch foolish songs that shamed the wise! Chorus Album three I’m at the top. Number one worldwide in the genre Joke-Hop But at home it’s a new phase Lady K and da kids got me a daze Got to be a good dad and husband to my wife Songs come together perfect title Home Life Album blows up almost like overnight Haters wanna fight calling me a sellout man that ain’t right Talking like “Joke, man you’ve changed” But when you elevate Hommie yo, you can’t stay the same Still the number one selling album of all-time Sixteen foolish songs that still shame the wise For number four I knew it was gonna be big Started to sense it was the gift we was meant to give Me and Cassius helping folks move since we were kids If our career was In Da Kitchen Lady K cooking up some ribs Debuted the album Move at Awaken tenth year in a row I played the show and it was amazing Ladies rockin robes up on the stage and Everybody moving no time for hating In Lex, rocked The Night Market in the back of a truck old Out six shows in one night with the door shut World Tour stops in ATL same thing Flippin Out in a moving truck - insane Took some time off watched the bluegrass grow Left room for cream, next thing you know Album five no telling where this thing goes But all I know is that you can’t stop the Inside Joke Same kid from back in the day, I may be a the top, but the mission still the same Some truth mixed in with a few white lies Ha! Ha! More foolish songs that shame the wise!
Let’s Go… Alarm sounds slow to get out of bed Time to feel alive but I’m feeling kinda dead Hit the shower still not awake I know just the beverage that it’s going to take To get me up to get me going If from Kentucky then you be knowing Open the fridge Ale 8-1 stacked up Pop the top on bottle now I’m getting all jacked up! Chorus : Getting all jacked up My toilet – backed up Jeff Foxworthy – got me cracked up Nascar poster – tacked up Hairball from the cat – hacked up Going hunting got the truck packed up Mingua Beef Jerky - snacked up Money from this track - racked up Lift-kit on my truck - now it’s all jacked up! Chorus Ya got got a checkered past - blacked up Been beaten down - all whacked up List of crimes getting longer - stacked up Living with ya girl for years - all shacked up Yeah, I think it bout time that you grown up Time to stop running, hands thrown up Let Him mend your wounds, get em sewed up When you’re born again - now that’s a reason to get jacked up Chorus Let me see you jump if you’re all jacked up Let me see you jump if you’re all jacked up Throw your hands in the air if you’re all jacked up If The Spirit be moving then throw your hands up
Cargo Shorts 03:39
Cargo shorts Every day it don’t matter where I go I got piece of clothing that I go to in my wardrobe It’s like shorts and man purse combo I’m still rocking them shorts we call cargo Cuz they be loveable, functional, and adjustable Indestructible, places you can wear them are multiple I accessorize with flip flops, button up or a tank top Don’t matter the occasion you know what I rock! Chorus: I Got two big pockets hanging on both sides Two pockets on my behind And a drawstring to hold them up Twenty years ain’t dampered my love for them... Cargo shorts Cargo shorts Cargo Shorts I rock them cargo shorts (x2) I wear my cargo shorts to work I wear cargo shorts to church I wear cargo shorts to the mall Even wear them when I playing church league softball I wear cargo shorts seven days a week Cuz they hold my wallet and keys (what else?) Cell phone, pocket knife, comb, and receipts Ten dollars worth of change from last week Even got them in 50 shades of Khaki Camo in the woods keep the deer coming at me Happy, cuz these pockets so deep, take a peak Under the sheets when I sleep (shhhhhh…) Chorus I know what you’re thinking, “What about winter?” Ha, you obviously a cargo short beginner I wear them year round, but when gets so cold that I can't Zip on them legs - cargo pants ! Chorus (x2)
Unconditional Love The best thing about Christian marriage Is unconditional love til you're buried But it also has a downside Lack of motivation to get out of bed and exercise And lack of motivation to eat right Cuz She just buy me new britches when my old ones get tight That’s why pre-marriage I was healthier, a little sexier But unconditional love give me anti-rexia When we was dating I was concerned about how much i was eating But post wedlock I find myself cheating Not with other girls, Naw I ain’t ever leaving But late at night into the pantry I’ll be sneaking What’s that noise? Just my stomach speaking Got a craving for sweets that I be feeding Had lots of motivation, I guess that was deceiving Turns out my prenuptial physique was misleading (sorry) Chorus: Unconditional love hurting my waistline I used to hit the gym hard all the time Then she said,“I do” now motivation hard to find Unconditional love got a downside (x2) But look at my figure, it all that bad Still got that six-pack somewhere beneath the flab And i’m still in shape, kinda of sort of Who am I kidding… I got unconditional love Yeah I need to lose about 20 pounds But unconditional love making it hard to work out Cuz she ain’t leaving and I know it I’m on a diet, but it don’t matter if i blow it (and we both no it) I ain’t a player I retired from the game Got me unconditional love instead of all that shame It ain’t no thing, for me to have some more pie Unconditional love be about what’s on the inside And that’s mostly good, at least i think so Besides ain’t no other place for her to go Not that she would if she could It ain’t the paint job it’s what’s under the hood (right?) Chorus Yeah my girl’s love is unconditional To keep her love I ain’t got a pass no physical She’s got that kind of love, that’s biblical She love’s me if my 40 time is pitiful If my gym time is minimal, diet is criminal She love’s me if my biceps aren’t visible Yeah i used ta fit in those pants But she love’s me just the same now that I can’t Walking up stairs, my breathing turns to a pant But she’s still walking with me hand in hand After marriage, gun show tickets went on sale But for some meat head my girl ain’t gonna bail Well, I can tell you be losing weight But we both know it’s so that you can try to get a date But I got me a date each and every night And when see that pie I can help myself to another bite (unconditional love!) Chorus Unconditional love helping my waistline I used to hit the gym hard all the time Then she said, "I do" don't have to do that no more Unconditional love, now that's the way to go
We was talking about it just the other day It takes a lot discipline to make the improvements you’ve made Not quite a winterfresh everglade But your stinch is now something we can mostly tolerate You could probably get job now, you could probably go to prom now You could probably put your arm around You friends and your fam without a frown now How’s that sound? Yeah you should be proud Good Job, I don’t know how you did it but you did You used to be real smelly when you was just a kid Now you still got a little room left to improve But you smell better than you used to CHORUS You smell better than you used to I could tolerate getting with you I could tell by the lack of smell when you walked into the room You smell a lot better than you used to Wow! I haven't seen you around? Last I had heard you moved to another town Honestly I don’t remember that much about you But I know you look better now than you used to Girl wait… If my memory serves me correct Let me pull out my yearbook and check, yep It’s your face, It doesn’t look near as weird Probably the decision to shave your beard And you did! Good Job, this look is an improvement Going without the dog collar probably gives you neck more movement And wearing clothes that fit you and wearing shoes... Girl you look a lot better than you used to! CHORUS You look better than you used to I could tolerate hanging with you I could tell that you care you actually combed your hair when you walked into the room Girl you look a little better than you used to Say Cheese! Wow… not what I expected I expected that your teeth would still be neglected I was wrong, you were wise to start to floss and brush And that fang in the front was always a little much But you pulled it! Good job! Now you got a halfway decent smile Between you two front teeth still got the center aisle But there is only so much a man can do You teeth still look a lot better than they used to. CHORUS You teeth look better than you used to I could tolerate hanging with you I could tell that you brushing well when you walked into the room Your teeth look a little better than they used to Let me encourage You let me build you up I remember when all your music was junk Then I walked up on your show, I was just gonna go Then i though maybe i’ll listen to a little more And i’m glad I did cuz you’re improving Only one guy was snoozing, almost had the crowd moving For a white guy, it wasn’t bad Ten in attendance, twice as much as last show you had Good job! That’s double the audience size At this rate in fifty years you’ll get some radio air time Spend a little more time in the studio than you do Cuz you sound a little better than you used to Your songs sound better than they used to I can tolerate listening to you I could tell you weren’t a total fail when walked into the room Your songs sound a little better than they used to.
Dinner time, gonna get mine Up into my chair I climb Baked potato and ribs, prime Sipping on Coca Cola with lemon and lime Pillsbury Rolls filling up two bowls Butter slabs be lined up like dominos Get out my butter knife, let’s go 321 time to butter them rolls Chorus Butter dem rolls, butter dem rolls Two just dropped on the floor, pick ‘em up and Butter dem rolls, butter dem rolls 321 hear we go, let me see you just… When them rolls come out the oven That's the smell that I be loving Everybody wants me to break them off something But me let me be clear you ain't getting nothing And if you try, you get a punching To be sure there ain't no future in your fronting Go buy your own rolls down at the store 350 degrees for 20 minutes then butter them rolls Chorus Unconditional Love got me eating these rolls like Pac Man Yes i can, cuz I’m a fan, of all these rolls rolled up in this cardboard cylinder can No matter the brand, put ‘em in a square or circle pan So long as you cooking at least five dozen got to feed this whole duerson clan And you know I am, get ‘em out when they golden tan, like Jane to Tarzan, Or perhaps more accurately like kryptonite is to Superman But I stick to my gameplan, butter em up and eat em like madman Going postal like the postman, man I love that pillsbury dough man All gone? Pre-heat the oven and pop open another can and... Chorus
Phone Number 03:24
The other day I walked into Walgreens Lady behind the counter smiled said hello to me Not a big deal, It didn’t think much of it It was just an innocent smile, or was it? Got my pain relievers and went to pay She pretended to ignore me and began to calculate Then I felt that things started to get odd At first she just asked if I had a walgreens card That made me feel uncomfortable, said I wasn’t sure She acted normal, but I sensed her motives were impure Then it happened, even though she was much younger Said she would look me up if she could have my phone number (I said) CHORUS Sorry mam but I’m happily married I’m going home to my wife and family Besides, you are much too young for me Thanks for asking, it’s very flattering Then I went to Panera to get me some coffee Wore sunglasses so people wouldn’t notice me Just one of the downsides to be a celebrity But I was recognized on this day… apparently Girl at the register said “Joke can I take your order?” Was she coming onto me? Probably, sort of I just looked at me feet and said “coffee in a mug” At the sound of my voice she must have fell in love She proceeded to ask me if I had my Panera card I said unfortunately I left it in my car Her next question left no doubt she hoped to by my lover She said, “I’ll look you up if you give me your phone number” I said… CHORUS Sorry mam but I’m happily married I’m going home to my wife and family (I take that back) Besides, you are much too young for me Thanks for asking, it’s very flattering (put it in a cup, I’m taking it home) She said, “excuse me you have got to be kidding?” I said nope happily married with five children Now if I can just have my coffee I’ll be on my way She got emotional and said that I had made her day Odd... she hid her tears of sadness behind a laugh I high tailed out of there and went to get some gas Card reader was broke, I had to go inside Oh Snap! The cashier had that look in her eye As I went to pay, I could sense the question coming Apparently lots of cashiers needed lovin Didn’t want to break another ladies heart today So i said, Mam before you ask I got something to say… CHORUS Sorry mam but I’m happily married I’m going home to my wife and family Besides, you are much too old for me I know you wanna ask, it’s very flattering ...Joke, I don’t think you understand Their just trying to get your number so that you can get benefits Exactly! And I’m happily married. I’m not interested. I’m married to a lady… Lady K
I put my Jesus in a mason jar Stuck Him on a shelf behind the Lucky Charms Take Him out when I start feeling blue After all ain’t that exactly what He died to do? I put my Jesus in a mason jar Stuck Him on a shelf next to Hershey bars I think at first He might have shed some tears Now He is quite adjusted after all these years I put my Jesus in a mason jar Every Sunday morn I place Him in my car Take Him to the place where we first met Show Him off like it’s nothing more than pretty pet I keep Him in the mason jar because it’s hipster Seal it up tight so I can’t hear Him whisper Can’t be distracted when I try to sleep Gotta make sure that His voice doesn’t bother me (No!) Chorus Let Him out the jar, Let him out the jar (x4) My Jesus sits there in His majon jar Forced to stare at quantities of fats and carbs If i let Him out I would be afraid to see All the kinds of crazy things He might ask of me But I can’t help but be a little curious What’s inside this jar collecting dust? What if all this time that man upon my shelf Was more than just my ticket to stay out hell? But I keep Him in the jar cuz the preacher say To stay safe, keep Him close in case of judgement day Keep Him close so when I’m feeling low I can let Him out to entertain me with miracle show So that’s why I keep my Jesus in a mason jar Keep Him on a shelf behind the Lucky Charms Take Him out when I start feeling blue After all ain’t that exactly what He died to do? Chorus
Hush Now 03:36
It’s a special weekend, kids going to BB’s Junk food and watching lots of movies We pack up their bags, there is knock at the door “BB is hear yo it’s time to go!” Kids go nuts at as she steps in the door At home it’s “a little” but at BB’s it’s “more!” So away to BB’s they all roll in the van The rest of the story we got second hand Apparently, right a way Beau threw a fit Couldn’t comprehend the fun he’s about to get Didn’t bother BB one bit, and her grandma ways Looked over her shoulder and spoke her phrase: Chorus Hush now we gonna have a good time here (x4) Kids know at BB’s the party gonna start But first BB swings by Walmart They all scream “yay!” except Neva cries “no!” She doesn't realize she gets presents when she go! Neva just wants to go to BB’s and watch a movie Can’t understand what BB is doing Kendy try’s to help her (it’ll be fun), but she don’t succeed BB and her magical words is all she need (she say) Chorus Hush now we gonna have a good time here (x4) At BB’s house it’s everything they’d dream Mac and Cheese for dinner with a bowl of ice cream Nintendo 64, scary stories at night Splishy splash in the hot tub with neon lights But then a fight breaks out between Emma and Guy An argument about who gets the last piece of pie But why? Two other whole pies on the counter Logic and reason don’t seem to matter BB steps in like she been doing for years Set’s both kids on her lap to make herself clear Looks em in the eyes, speaks these words in the ears “Hush now we gonna have a good time here” Chorus Hush now we gonna have a good time here (x4) (It’s my party… you can’t cry… even if you want to!)
Konnichibruh When I’m on the mic you know I’m the illest When I’m in the fridge you know I’m the chillest I’m the realest, of all them wack mc dads Keeping up with the fads in their khakis and their plads And them under grads in their hipster boots And grad school grads in their navy suits Shoot, no one can hold a candle to this You shoot, you miss, I launch three (swish!) I drop a track like this, instantaneous hit You try bust a rhyme, after five you quit Banana split, hack puh spit! Got a nice new fade that’s straight legit Yeah! You be rollin on eighteens you be rollin on dubs Only dude with a mixtape at the country club Speaking of “club,” I walk in you like, “Wusssup?” I throw the peace sign and say Konnichibruh CHORUS: Konnichibruh (repeat) I’m gettin bigger while you be shrinking I’m smelling good while you be stinking I be care free while you’re over thinking I’m floating to the top while you be sinking Ha! Ha Yeah you know we keep it real Chillin at our crib or eating a meal at the Hibachi Grill Chef cooks up my shrimp then tosses it up I catch it in my mouth and say Konnichibruh CHORUS Are you saying Konnichawha? Na, I’m saying Konnichibruh It don’t matter if you’re Japanese or not, You my bruh, so we remixed the word now it's hot Now my Jokestas can use it as a greeting It don’t matter if it's the president that you are meeting Just look him in the eyes, throw your eyebrows up Wait a second.. then say Konnichibruh CHORUS (heavy breathing) Casius Clay…. Hedeki Matusi Mr. Miyagi Ichiro Suzuki A guy drinking sake Mr. Fugi Mikihito Iron chef rolling sushi Yokozuna Domo Arigato Pokemon go Mr. Roboto Inside Joke
Blast Off 03:33
This stage is like my Cape Canaveral About to blast off into the supernatural I’m gonna throw these burners into high gear I’m gonna launch straight up into the atmosphere This much is clear: being grounded- I can’t stand it Makes me wanna scream like Michael and Janet The rockets leaving and I got to man it I gotta blast off through the digable planets I’d be crazy to go, but I’ll go crazy if I stay My time to blast off, gotta elevate No longer will I remain stationary I’m blasting off, I’m going intergalatic planetary CHORUS 3 2 1 Blast off We about to take off And when we launch We ain’t gonna stop Blast off through sky, no lies Blasting off so that I can live a life that defies Gravity and all this tragedy entrapping me All the death and depravity surrounding me So I’m setting my mind on things above Blasting off past this world and it’s lack of love Like a dove, I Blast off and rise in peace Holding on to things of this world so I release Negativity cease, I rise into weightlessness The burdens of this world, have no place in His Cosmos defying Kingdom of graciousness, And when you in it all you feel is gratefulness (I’m Blast Off) CHORUS I’m re-launching my life, I’m blasting off Them chains holding me down, I throw em off I was made to fly through this galaxy This world ain’t my home, I got a destiny And from above I can see all this clearly I can see the forest despite the trees I can see how vast His universe be New perspective For His love for little me So kids, get out your telescope When we look at me will we see me? Nope Like the moon, you will see the reflection of the Son As I rise, I’ll be a mirror for the Holy One. (I’m blasting off) CHORUS
Check it, back in the day, when I finished school I married an older woman cuz I thought it’d be cool But with this cougar came daughter - full grown She met my dad then their love was on! They got married, this made my dad my son-in-law That made my daughter my mother cuz she married my Pa And I thought that was why my wife was crying all through the night time. Turns out she took a pregnancy test - blue line! We soon had a son, that’s my dad’s brother in law Which makes my son also my uncle dog! And as my uncle he also became the brother to my wife’s full grown daughter, a.k.a. my step mother Then dad had baby boy with his new bride Who was my daughter, so the boy was my grandchild This means my wife is now my mother’s mother Yep! I’m straight up married to my grandmother! Now if my wife is my grandmother, then I'm her grandchild And every time I think of it, it nearly drives me wild 'Cause now I have become the strangest 'case you ever saw As husband of my grandmother, I am my own grandpa I’m my own grandpa I’m my own grandpa Strangest case you ever saw I’m my own grandpa As my own grandpa There are some benefits I spoil myself with lots of toys at Christmas I give myself a long birthday wish list Then head to the store to buy all my presents Sometimes I go to my own house for the weekend Tell myself scary stories till I’m sleeping Last week I taught myself to whittle a stick Then took myself to a pond to learn to fish I’m my own grandpa I’m my own grandpa Strangest case you ever saw I’m my own grandpa Several years later, woke up feeling strange Inside felt like something just was the same Felt like there was a girl living inside Since that day as girl I identify Chorus I’m my own Grandma I’m my own Grandma Strangest case you ever saw I’m my own Grandma
Let’s to go to the beach Miracle Strip In my mini van Headed to the beach with the fam Van packed, driving over the bridge rolling seven deep When we arrive we gonna take over the beach Park the van, unload our trunk It be filled with lots of beach toys and beach junk Five boogie boards, beach balls, and frisbees Beach blankets, seven beach towels with me Skim boards, And big cooler filled with lunch No telling how many sand toys, but it’s a bunch Finally make it, toes touch the sand People starring at me like I’m the man and I am Beautiful day, sun is gleaming Ladies by the jam box cooler be singing Gold chain in my chest hair blinging Perfect day on the beach, be like I’m dreaming (let’s go to da beach!) CHORUS Line up the kids, time for suntan lotion Three already in the water it's already a commotion Honey where’s the suntan lotion? Uh oh we forgot the suntan lotion Yes, it was my job to grab the lotion but it’s OK No need to let this minor detail ruin our day We done made it here we ain’t going away Kid’s run amuck have fun go and play And they do, and so does The Joke Perfect day, until the rash between my legs starts to sting Until the saltwater in my ear drum starts to ring Until my skin starts to blister from the lack of cream Until I got some sand in my eyes Until my kid stung by jellyfish and cried Until I saw that old many in a speedo Ninty-five percent of the people at the beach need some more clothes Ahhh! Just got speared by a stingray Poison running through my body, out for the day But a little poison ain't’ gonna stop me First thing in the morning, I’m headed to the beach CHORUS Let’s go to the beach! I go to the beach early in the morning I go to the beach sunny or storming I go the the beach each and every day y’all And when I go to the beach I always got my beach ball And my beach call “OOOwheeee!” And my beach straw “sluuuurp” yummy In my beach drink complete with umbrella Sun accelerator so I can be a tan fella Wella, walk down the beach old ladies cat calling On the volleyball court I be balling Locals be falling, to my super serve Like Karch Kari - match point (word) Take shelter overhead, a bunch of beach birds Too late on Lady K’s head lands a turd Overheard a girl behind me talking, I look back She said yesterday they had a shark attack CHORUS Let’s go to a different beach!
I’m having a hard time, help me understand Jesus said He would build His church, not man But we turned His body into an organization Am I the only one who fears our focus is misplacing? In His the word, the church is always the people But we keep talking like its meetings and buildings with steeples We just follow the person in front of us like sheepal Getting real comfortable, and sometimes downright evil But His freedom is peaceful, we rest in His grace We’re basing church on the fact that it’s not a place Just His people gathered together in any space And we prefer the harvest fields as the birthplace No buildings, budgets, pros, or programs needed Just the the faith to believe Jesus can still do the leading To the hurting folk it looks a lot like family Church folk be like “it don’t meet my needs” But you don’t hear me though I don’t think that you hear me I don’t think that you hear me I don’t think that you hear me though We got The Author of The Book living inside And we trust Him to teach us and lead our time Just His people together doing acts 2:42 No IRS number needed dog and that’s the truth Just look in the Word at our roots From house to house went Jesus and His crew And that’s how they rolled for like 300 years Then Constantine came along and switched up the gears From underground into them pagan temples But unfortunately we kept a bunch of pagan rituals But God used it like He always does Don’t mean we can’t benefit from looking at how the church originally was Martin Luther set The Word free (reformation) And now His spirit setting the church free (emancipation) 21st Century the church’s liberation Coming to America like in other nations But you don’t hear me though I’m talking out loud but you’re not listening Speaking clearly but you don’t hear me though I’m talking out loud but you’re not listening Speaking clearly but you don’t hear me though Jesus help us break our addiction to our services All of our events and our Jesus circuses Help us to return to Your simple purposes Even if that means peeling off our shiny surfaces Help us start next door today and make a disciple Help us gather our friends and start to read the Bible Help us be fully devoted to You and they things You say to do... simplechurchalliance.com if we can help you But you don’t hear me though I don’t think that you hear me I don’t think that you hear me I don’t think that you hear me though
Here i am at Keene Trace Wanna play golf, their be no better place Two courses, only one club You thought I was at the other course...Well I was But now I be here like every day Working on my swing, send the kids to the pool to play Keene Run, Champions - it don’t matter Sweet clubhouses for relieving your bladder And for filling it back up, at the bar Best food in the county by far Burger dogs an B-Fry’s seasoned with grace Evan and B know how to run this place And the courses be in top shape Just up and remolded Champions Trace Ain’t no better place play or just hang watching the game If out this way holler at me man! Chorus I be out here playing golf at Keene Trace If you wanna play there be no better place I be out here playing golf at Keene Trace For you and your family there be no better place… We having golf church on Sunday, with the Lord Then we ride on the course on the golfboard Got my magic pencil to lower my score I step up the the tee - FOUR! People duck, I in luck No houses be crammed around these greens And no people out here being mean Two courses one club, like a team Never crowded, playing nine or eighteen Play with your kids or in a league Got a power hook like me? That ain't no thing... We got the high performance golf academy Larry and his crew at the other end of the range And when your friends see yo swing they'll be amazed Yeah…It's called Keene Trace There ain't no better place (sing it wit me) Chorus I be out here playing golf at Keene Trace If you wanna play there be no better place I be out here playing golf at Keene Trace For you and your family there be no better place…


Inside Joke hits his stride on album five with clever lyrics and funky beats that are sure to please the whole family -- especially the adults this go around!


released July 6, 2017

Special thanks to my family for serving up much of the inspiration for many of these songs. Simple Church Alliance for allowing me to serve in a creative fun way that helps folks find Jesus and his family outside of the traditional church walls. For all the people who contributed to this project:

Guest Vocals:
T.O. - Foolish Songs That Shame The Wise
DJ Wize - Backhanded Compliments
Curt Vernon - Mason Jar
Cassius Clay - Konnichibruh, Butter Dem Rolls
Dana Vogel - You Don't Hear Me Though

Kye Keefe - Jacked Up

Music Production:
Inside Joke - Jacked Up, Backhanded Compliments, The Strangest Case You Ever Saw, Butter Dem Rolls
Lazy Rida - Foolish Songs That Shame The Wise
Ryan Little - Cargo Shorts
Dar'rel Banks - Unconditional Love, You Don't Hear Me Though
Spenny Slaz - Phone Number, Mason Jar, Hush Now, Blast Off, Keene Trace
Damion Howl - Konnichibruh


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Inside Joke Lexington, Kentucky

What started out as an "inside joke" has turned into a world-wide movement... sort of. From Lexington, KY, Inside Joke takes rap music back to the days when it was fun, made you dance, and actually rhymed! At the same time, Inside Joke brings a new school vibe, spirituality at times, and a little country grammar to boot! ... more

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