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by Inside Joke

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Move 03:20
I’m a servant and I’m strong So my phone ringing all day long Hommies needing help moving out of their house Heavy lifting needed without a doubt And when they call, they're in luck Inside joke, Cassius Clay and a truck We back-back it up, then we jump out Bout pack you up and move you out of this house Chorus We gonna help ya move! Move Move Move! All the way turnt up, we get the job done If it takes all night til the morning sun You know we in shape, check out our guns! Lifting so much junk, gotcha saying “Son!” Lifting your couch, and your curio Get strong one time boys here we go Lifting your dresser and your double hutch Then hit up Taco Bell for lunch Then take a power nap, then back to work But not before checking Facebook first Now we ready to lift anything! (Anything except that washing machine) Chorus We gonna help ya move! Move Move Move! We lift your fridge, then I go down Pain in my back, my face smacks the ground Notice I'm alive, take a deep breathe Get back up to help you move the rest! Chorus We gonna help ya move! Move Move Move!
Flippin' Out 03:03
Headphones in, head bobbin' to the beat Mind my own biz, taking a stroll down my street Tank-top on ventilating the heat Got my mind on my money, and my money is extinct! Yeah! I be chilling but unbeknownst to me, About to get a surprise in just a couple of feet Cuz a huge spider web hanging down from the trees It's just a matter of time my face it will meet (Ahhh!) I fling my arms and shout Spiderweb in my grill and i can’t get out While neighbor watching me from inside his house didn’t see the web, just thought I was flippin' out VERSE 2 A few years later, would you believe Chillin' wit my hommies walking down the same street Out of nowhere something is attacking me Low and behold it was a swarm of bees Swatting and slapping jumping a around Then we took off running at the speed of sound Some ladies walking our way, saw it all go down Didn’t see the bees they just thought we was flippin' out VERSE 3 I’m different, not the same guy Most High, not visible to the naked eye Was dead, then He made me alive Came into my life took up residence inside All turnt up , But they don’t know why We the same kind but the can’t see they blind Ya gotta seek wit all yo heart and you will find And I help ya, Get up close yo I don’t mind I’ll walk with ya, talk with ya, hit gym to workout Cookout, carryout see what I’m all about We gotsta hang out, so you'll be having no doubt Cuz from at a distance it be looking like I’m flippin' out!
You walked down the Isle we said our vows How I got you girl I don't know how White wedding dress, looking good wow! “You may kiss your bride” (when) now! Back down the the isle we go Uh oh uh oh To the reception straight to the dance floor Night of my life no doubt about it And when I heard this beat it made me think about it CHORUS Gonna dance like its my wedding reception x4 Food and drinks on the house, Wedding celebration without a doubt In front of friends and fam we kissed on the mouth Two became one now you be my spouse You throw yo bouquet, garter belt up your dress Smear the cake on my face make a mess Then you dance with yo dad I dance with my mom And you know we dance together when we hear this song. CHORUS Yeah! This is is just the prelude. You know what I'm saying? Because there is coming another day... Death do us part, one of these days Temporary separation, a life phase Reunite when He comes in a blaze Our marriage is a prelude to His praise And on that day, together we’ll be Love’s culmination in eternity A clear vision of loves divine conception And we’ll dance again at our wedding reception CHORUS Everybody from my whole life dancing Cheek to cheek wit my new wife romancing Wedding dress Looking hot enhancing Everybody at my wedding be jamming Everybody From my whole life dancing Cheek to cheek wit my new wife romancing Wedding dress Looking hot enhancing Everybody at my wedding... Yo we don’t stop chanting CHORUS
Once it was the blessing, Now it is the Lord; Once it was the feeling, Now it is His Word; Once His gift I wanted, Now, the Giver own; Once I sought for healing, Now Himself alone. Once it was painful trying, Now it's perfect trust; Once a half salvation, Now the uttermost; Once it was ceaseless holding, Now He holds me fast; Once it was constant drifting, Now my anchor’s cast. REFRAIN All in all forever Jesus will I sing Everything is in Christ, And Christ is everything. Once it was busy planning, Now it's trustful prayer; Once it was anxious caring, Now He has the care; Once it was what I wanted, Now what Jesus say; Once it was constant asking, Now it's ceaseless praise. Once it was my working, His it hence shall be; Once I tried to use Him, Now He uses me; Once the power I wanted, Now the Mighty One; Once for self I labored, Now for Him alone. REFRAIN All in all forever Jesus will I sing; Everything in Christ, And Christ is everything. Once I hoped in Jesus Now I know He’s mine; Once my lamps were dying, Now they brightly shine; Once for death I waited, Now His coming hail; And my hopes are anchored, Safe within His veil. Once I hoped in Jesus Now I know He’s mine; Once my lamps were dying, Now they brightly shine; Once for death I waited, Now His coming hail; And my hopes are anchored, Safe within His veil. Once it was the blessing, Now it is the Lord; Once it was the feeling, Now it is His Word; Once His gift I wanted, Now, the Giver own; Once I sought for healing, Now Himself alone. Note: the words "'twas" and "'tis" have been replaced with "it was" and "it's" for this version.
First things first I ain’t a male chauvinist But when she in da kitchen, I'll come home this Frying pan in hand, you don’t understand Favorite meal cooking got me feeling like I’m the man And I know fellas out know what I mean When ya girl cooking up some chicken and some green beans Got the kitchen full smells and spotless and clean Table set for me, its like it’s all a big dream But it ain't, cuz my girl for real The day she said I do got one heck of deal Tacos spaghetti and soups of sort My girl be in da kitchen like John Wall on the court Be running it wit five kids hanging on her leg Want her to fix some food, ain’t gotta beg She count it a privileged dot keep these mouths fed My girl be all about that homestead, She in da Kitchen (Break) My girl be on it when the fridge running low Make run to the Coop or Trader Joe's Seven mouths to feed, three meals a day And not once will you ever hear her utter a complaint Cuz, She looking out for me, She going green Only putting high octane fuel in this machine So many fruits and vegetables, It’s obscene Every day life be like lean cuisine Cooking up some rice - Basmati Only the finest cheese - Maserati This ain’t burden, she call it a kitchen party When she in da Kitchen she make music like Pavarotti And when she making it, she looking good Steam from the pan be sucking up into the hood Sweat on her brow, grabs dish towel Asian night, (you know what that means) Kung Pow! (she in da kitchen!) Break This be making the politically correct nervous But my girl she be anything but worthless Straight A’s, She could picked any occupation And she did when she done when and picked homemaking I bring home the bacon, she fries it up And when I smell the aroma it smells like love Sent from above, is her cooking skills I’m just letting y'all know the deal, I love it when she In da Kitchen!
I think you know what that is, it’s what everybody wants It’s what everybody needs when they walk up in the joint It’s what everybody be lining up at the store for Beating down my door for (for sure bro!) Yeah everybody be seeing me with it If you want one, then come and get it It’s awesome and there’s no doubt about it Cuz every time I got it, yo I gotta scream and shout it (hey!) Pre-Chorus I bet you ain’t seen nothing like this before (x3)” I bet you ain’t seen nothing like this Chorus Would you look at that? … It’s awesome Take a look at that! ... It's awesome (Cassius Clay!) When I look at it, I get fixated When I think about… elated When I got it with me, feel liberated And When I die witg it... cremated Now that I got it, I done made it Often imitated but never duplicated Haters irritated, get educated So I wrote this song just to celebrate it (Yeah!) Original unique one-of-a-kind Take a look at, yeah baby girl I don’t mind Look a across the globe, it’s hard to find But I got one, ha ha ha! It's mine So I hit the street at night like possum And with this... well I’m awesome Now i know it’s just a matter of time Before my music career is gonna blossom. Pre-Chorus Chorus
First thing up on Saturday morn My girl's already got it going on First thing up she's throwing it on I'm talking about she got that robe on. Chorus (x2) Keep rockin' that robe girl Keep rockin' that robe girl Keep rockin' that robe girl (And those sweat pants) Get home from work see my spouse She be rockin' that robe without a doubt And without a doubt it be super soft No silk here just terry cloth Got her feeling warm, but looking hot Gotta green blotch and faded spot But my girl loves her robe and she loves it a lot Got that belt tied in a double not Sweat pants on the bottom, robe on the top Got me feeling numb like a booster shot Rockin' that robe more often than not The touch of terry cloth is my weak spot What? half off at JC Penny's Gotta get three, can’t get too many Victoria's Secret just walk on by JC Penny's got the right price Chorus Keep rockin' that robe girl Keep rockin' that robe girl Keep rockin' that robe girl (And those sweat pants) You got those legs all the way to the floor Robe goes to your knees nothing more Sweat pants for your legs that you bought at the store The touch the feel of cotton that I can’t ignore One more thing that you got to know Tag says "Hecho en Mexico" That means “made in Mexico” That's right my shorty's international And you know, that robe came with belt Wrap it around your waist and tie it yourself Can you tie it in a knot? Can you tie it in a bow? Can you tie real tight like you're ready to go? Cuz if you don't you might just soil it Saw it yesterday when it fell into the toilet I'll wash if for you, but i won't enjoy it I'll use Germ-X and then I'll boil it Chorus Keep rockin' that robe girl Keep rockin' that robe girl Keep rockin' that robe girl (And those sweat pants) Awe yeah! This one goes out to all the ladies Out there rockin' that robe! And I think you know The robe I'm talking about... That robe you paint in That robe you play in That robe you sleep in That robe you reed in That robe you cook in That got me looking That robe you clean in That robe you (left blank for the listener to personalize*) in Chorus Keep rockin' that robe girl Keep rockin' that robe girl Keep rockin' that robe girl (And those sweat pants) You got me straight tripping boo! You're making that forty-dollar robe look like a fifty-dollar robe! You got old Kleenex in those pockets? Ahhhhh Yeahh!
What’s the deal with all these selfie pics Now people done went got a selfie stick With a special button on the handle that they click You need to get a bunch of people in your shot? it does the trick! So guess who got one? Inside Joke? Yeah! Did you get a short one? Nope! I got selfie stick that's jokesta size Big enough you and me and the Lexington skyline Chorus My new selfie stick is longer than yours My new selfie stick is longer than yours My new selfie stick is longer than yours Stretching from the sky down to the floor (hold it out and click it!) Selfie Pick… wit my self stick! Selfie pick… wit my selfie stick! Verse 2 My selfie stick is extra long You thought you wouldn’t fit in the pic, you's wrong I can take a pick of you and me, with your whole family Whole body, head to feet, lined up down your street Yeah! It’s bigger than most It be about as long as a telephone post Cuz it’s got to be to get me and my crew I can click a bunch of pics because it’s Bluetooth too! So get the football team and line them up With The Joke’s selfie stick the shot is wide enough Whole team and me, first row take a knee One...Two...Three... selfie team pic… Cheese! CHORUS Outro You gotta want it! Even if you got short arms yeah! It's so long...You can pole vault, You can snow ski With my selfie stick...Yeah! You can go to the moon, go to the moon Extend out, you can see the sun, the moon and the stars, If you want to put it on Instagram and The Facebook, baby come on... VERSE 3 Errbody on the dance picture time Your selfie sticks small so let me use mine When i hold it up in the air Wave ya arms like ya jost care Need a pic of errbody in the room? My selfie stick so long you may need the zoom So long wife can use it when she gives birth HOld it straight up takes pics like google earth So cheerleaders what do you say? My selfie stick could hold that flag up all day while taking pics of all the people below and even get video, in slow mo, yo, here we go.. CHORUS
I’m under pressure, from this crazy life Stressed out that i won’t get it right Stressed that I just might drown unaware At the bottom of the pool of all the worlds cares I gotta gel my hair, get some bigger rims Look good at the beach, gotta get my spray tan Gotta Loose a few pounds, be seen around town Gotta make sure all my greys are died brown Gotta keep myself clean, so I don’t smell And when I get gas - make sure you don’t tell Well, I gotta get this song heard Gotta make a viral video to spread the word My clothes look absurd, I gotta stay in style Hit the gym to workout every once and a while Make sure among men, I’m not the lesser What a stresser… I’m under pressure Chorus Under pressure baby This old world, This old world got me under pressure At home, you know I'm feeling the pressure Make sure that my kids are up when we measure Make sure they learning and their life is a pleasure Gotta be around to help whenever I need some chedda to keep these mouths fed I need some mo chedda in case id drop dead I need to manicure the lawn, clean out the shed Clean out the gutters, tidy up the flower bed Instead, I worry about my identity getting stole I worry that you might catch me picking my nose My percentage is low, need to work on free throws. I need to be more around my kids as they grow I need to do my taxes, I need back hair waxes I need to fix all the broken toys made of plastics I need to Help my kids in sports be the fastest And I need to do more Mr. Mom acrobatics But I checked the mathematics, and it just don’t add So much pressure at being an All-American dad I gotta plan a Disney vacation so my family can take it I’m under pressure, and there ain’t no faking it Chorus And you know this world got me under pressure Just finished listening to President’s presser World upside down, We need a commander I should probably get involved, but can’t take the slander Feel pressure to do something about ISIS Probably should do something to end the huger crises And end my addictions to all these vices Gotta make sure I keep up with cost of living prices Under pressure stop global warming Save the whales, Help the survivors of the storm in Haiti, I ain’t done anything to help them folk Feel pressure to fix our Justice system that’s broke Under pressure, can’t be apathetic people killing babies because of their genetics I should do something, not just stand by But I sit around and watch on TV worldwide genocide Under pressure but at the same time numb Didn’t give the homeless man change how come? (I could have gave him some) Under pressure to eat in the know The food I’m eating is probably GMO And it’s not organic, and it’s causing me panic I just learned that my grocery list destroys the planet I can’t stand it, So much for pleasure …...I’m under pressure Chorus
INTRO: Yeah...A...that's one large coffee... your total will be $5.53 Would you like me to leave room for cream? VERSE 1 Why you be asking me if i need room for cream? I get this all the time now, like its some sort of scheme For years this wasn’t a problem, but now it is it seems If i hear this question one more time i might just scream! From Micky D's to Starbucks to the local coffee shop People be asking me if i need room from cream non stop (non stop) Well stop! Cuz this has never been a problem How did this start happening? it’s a mystery I’m solving Perhaps the man want’s to cheat me out of a full cup? Or perhaps the cream got together and said, "enoughs enough!" "We’ve been playing second fiddle for far to long Coffee taking all the room and it’s just flat out wrong" So perhaps the cream organized, and a union was formed Got their attorneys on it and now their mission was born Putting pressure on the establishment like its the law Got every barista out there be singing along, singing their song CHORUS Would you like me to leave room for cream? No (I just want a full cup of joe) VERSE 2 Man... you're cheating me out of a full cup of joe Since when did cream run out of room and need some more? I’m despresso cuz you giving me three quarters of cup After you charged me 5 bucks… man what’s up? Yeah! I use cream, but I ain't telling you Cuz if you find out my hopes of a full cup are through I just like a little cream, It’s never been an issue Dude be behind the counter… what’s Sumatra with you? CHORUS VERSE 3 Yeah... You know what? I think the next time somebody asks me this question...You know what I'm going to tell them? I'm going to tell them... Thanks for asking, please leave lots of room for cream This has been a huge life problem plaguing me Just the other day, they forgot to leave room Then when i added cream it overflowed all over my new shoes I like my cream to take up at least three quarters of a cup If you don’t leave room, then well I'm stuck I’m out of luck Besides that I’m in idiot--I can’t add cream without it spilling on me So if you could just leave a little room for the coffee... please. Chorus
Day Trippers 04:08
Dunbar Center, that’s our home base Taking day trips from place to place Load up the bus, yo we do it all, Claiborne drive 7134 like boss Day trippin' at the Legneds game wit Big L We day trippin' so no need for a hotel Working out at Dunbar Center, can’t ya tell If ya can’t it’s probably cuz we eating so well Dad’s favorite, that's our sport for lunch Wild Eggs that's our spot for brunch Ice Cream and cooking out like everyday Day trippin' hitting food trucks on the way Fry up the fish, from our day trip fishing Mmmm so much food, it’s finger licking You ain’t in in our crew, now you be wishing That you could get wit us so you could be day trippin' CHORUS We Do IT All (we them day trippers) We do it all, Awesome every day Day trip Bowling, no bumpers needed on them lanes We learned to drum, just listen to this track play Hit up Title Boxing, in case we need to melee Yeah, you know We day trippin' Shakertown boat ride while the water glistening Day trippin' to the swimming pool we swimming Visit the distillery, them bourbon balls kicking Zumba, with our girl Evona Got us all sweating Like a Sauna Day trip for a little bucket gardening With our leader Sharon and my homeboy Jonathan Yeah, day trip to Big A** Fans Learn to shoot a bow and arrow like man! Day trip to Texas Roadhouse wit Filet Mignon Now everybody at Summer Camp let me hear you com on! CHORUS This one goes out to Brent Claiborne and my boy Tannon Snyder And them Day Trippers… i think you know Alex, Greg, Jim, Jeremy Baldridge Jeremy Cook, Steven, Todd Baldridge Jocylen, Caitlin, Aaron and Coach G That’s mike gibson coaching baseball and hockey Chris Harris, Erik, Melvin, Courtney Angela, Celine, Tom and Jodie Keith, we call em Boo, and Rachel Kristin, Tannon, Bryan and Chris Ridil
Yo, thinking about these summer days And how the time is just slipping away Seems like yesterday, I was just kid Playing in the creek in the neighborhood where I Iive Kentucky boy growing up I had it made Table by the roadside selling lemonade Kids throw together a game of hoops so we play Good times with hanging with brothers Drew and Clay Them was the days, but where did they go? Like a song you can’t find on the radio Here then gone like the summer breeze blows That clock keeps ticking this I know for sure I would if i could, slow it all down Stop to smell the roses, soak up the summer sounds But I’m moving on fast to the next big thing So fast bluegrass even looks green CHORUS Wish that second hand would slow I would sit and watch that bluegrass grow Wish the second hand wold slow, I would sit back and watch this bluegrass grow VERSE 2 Got places to go people to see The other direction is my family And it’s bother me, need to slow down Drive in the country, get out of town Where in surround sound, I can listen to the birds listen for a voice, listen for a word listen to the creek as it makes its turn listen for message I hope I can discern Listen to the horses training to race But I need to to figure out a way to slow the pace Do an about face, away from the rats Racing for the cheese without knowledge of the trap CHORUS Wish that second hand would slow I would sit and watch that bluegrass grow If the second hand wold slow, I would sit back and watch this bluegrass grow VERSE 3 Now taking the time to be still breathe it all in, separating fake from real intentional chill - time ain’t a thing to kill No turning back, taking the red pill (and now) And now, I’m see the things that seem to matter don’t Seeing the things I thought would fill the void won’t Hit the pause button so it could come into focus nothing new to you I’m sure you probably know this But you've bot to be still in order to listen Lot’s of noise out there but He’s whispering Won’t hear if you always in a hurry Likely to miss that the destination is the journey So I’m changing my sprint to stroll Don’t want to be in a hurry to get where I go Finding that if I walk down the path slow sometimes you can even see the bluegrass grow. CHORUS Wish that second hand would slow I would sit and watch that bluegrass grow Even though the second hand won't slow, I can still sit back and watch this bluegrass grow I know this second hand won't slow, but i can still sit back and watch this bluegrass grow Sipping a cup of sweat tea slow, sitting here watching this bluegrass grow
Not on your arm Not on your leg Not in the toast Not in the eggs Not on the carpet Nor the linoleum Just how'd your little brother get it smeared all over him Poop in the potty, poop goes in the potty x4 Not on your brother not on your sis not on any family member, you might wanna make a list not on the plants not in your hair not on the porch no, we do not want to share Poop in the potty, poop goes in the potty x4 Not on the swing not on the slide not while we're spinnin' on a carnival ride not on the window not on the wall no more surprises on the light switch down the hall hey! Poop in the potty, poop goes in the potty x4 Not in the yard you're on your honor don't go gettin' no ideas from the neighbors weimereiner Poop in the potty, poop goes in the potty x5


Inside Joke's fourth studio album takes it to an entirely different level! Move is all about helping the listener move...physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. On Move inside Joke welcomes special guest appearances from a host of new Jokesta's including John Hatfield, Curt Vernon, Wheeler, and his wife Lady K. Kevin Schuer and of course Cassius Clay return to lend their vocal talents as well. Also, for the first time ever, Inside Joke performs a cover of the classic hymn Once It Was The Blessing as well as a cover of Over The Rhine's The Poopsmith Song! This album is Inside Jokes most personal and professional to date and is sure to leave longtime fans and newcomers alike hypnotized by the fun jams!


released July 28, 2015

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Inside Joke with the following exceptions…

Flippin Out co-produced by Deep Works with permission via creative commons 3.0 license,
Rockin That Robe & Watching The Bluegrass Grow produced by Rey Topol, used with permission
Day Trippers, produced by Dar’rel Banks (All4Beatz) with permission
In Da Kitchen produced by BigAlBeatz with permission
Music by MYK.E. under creative commons license. Mixed by Inside Joke.

Creative Commons License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

The Poopsmith Song, written by Karen Berquist and Lindford Detweiler (Over The Rhine)
Once It Was The Blessing, written by A.B. Simpson in 1891, public domain

Recoded in Lexington, KY at Jokesta Records Lab.

Photography courtesy of Los Angeles based photographer Davin Kyle Sanchez. Edited by The Creative Caddie Design Company.


all rights reserved



Inside Joke Lexington, Kentucky

What started out as an "inside joke" has turned into a world-wide movement... sort of. From Lexington, KY, Inside Joke takes rap music back to the days when it was fun, made you dance, and actually rhymed! At the same time, Inside Joke brings a new school vibe, spirituality at times, and a little country grammar to boot! ... more

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